What’s a Girl from Devon doing in a place like London?

I’m a musician from Devon, now based in London. (I also write instrumental neo-classical piano - more on that later!) I grew up in the countryside and green fields and the ocean are in my heart and soul, and my music. Although I love London and all of its excitement, often, I need to run back home to Devon, to reset myself.

I’m new on the folk scene. For years, I was too terrified to play people my music. Social media would have me believe everybody else was glistening with confidence - when the idea of getting up in front of people and playing them my songs - that up until now, nobody had heard - made me hands shake, my legs shake, my mouth turn dry and my voice constrict.

I desperately wanted to start playing, so I went in search of prescription medication to suppress my stage fright. It blocked the symptoms - and allowed me to play my first gig! - but it blocked my connection with the audience too, and the highs of sharing music with others. It was a temporary fix, not a long-term solution.

I found myself in Dublin for 6 months. There, on the open mic night scene, anonymous and with nothing to lose, I found my voice. I slowly, slowly started to play, live, without the prescription help... my hands still shook and my voice still wavered, but little by little, they got more steady. And little by little I started to realise how amazing it is, to make a connection with complete strangers, via a few songs that I’d written.

I’m now incredibly lucky to have performed via the legendary LCV with Imogen Heap, Laura Mvula, The Staves, Alt-J and Manu Delago, to name just a few of the fantastic musicians that I name as influences.

Thankyou for joining me on part of the journey! x

p.s. oh yes… the piano… I release neo-classical piano music under the name of Freya Lily!